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Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach Training

Energy 4 Life – A Transformational Training!
Change your life and help other people change theirs

This award winning wellness coach training is an excellent way to transform your life and gain the qualification and confidence to work with clients, coaching them to greater Health, Happiness and Success. We draw on powerful healing modalities, wellness coaching tools, ancient spiritual traditions, quantum science and contemporary coaching practices. This puts us at the forefront of health and wellbeing systems. We utilise tools and techniques that support people to manage personal energy and have all the energy needed to live Healthy, Happy and Successful Lives. This comprehensive and practical, 12 day wellness coach training saves you time, energy and money by blending four amazing ways of working with energy into one integral training.   

The Energy 4 Life Training covers:
4 Modalities in 12 days over 3 months 

  • Energy Exercises
  • Energy Psychology
  • Energy Foods
  • Energy Balance
An opportunity to restore health and reach your highest potential in body, mind and spirit, working closely with Shola Arewa, Author of Opening to spirit, Way of the Chakras and Energy 4 Life. This leading wellness coach training offers a synergy of powerful teachings designed to uplift your energy levels, build awareness and develop your knowledge of working with Energy. Energy 4 Life helps you stop procrastinating and move beyond your limitations. This training stands for excellence in Energy Management and Wellness Coaching.  

It is an adavantage but not compulsory to be any of the folowing:
Coach, Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Healer, Educator, Medical Professional, Helping Professional. 
Why do we find it so hard to change? Understand the 'Psychology of Change' and explore how quantum sciences are changing the way we think about the brain, our health and reality itself. Learn to successfully apply leading edge science and powerful new tools to your life and work. If you are ready to step into your potential and coach others to do the same, call us now on
0845 130 1918 and request your brochure today shola@energy-4life.com

Take a Quantum Leap, Transform your LifeCAM Award Winner 
Energy 4 life Wellness Coach Training
12 days over 3 months, in London or 
London 6th Feb - 13 April 2015 
York 29th May - 27th July 2015
Training takes place over 3 x 4 day blocks 
I0 day residential 14th -24th Aug.2015 
10 day USA residential in June 2015
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Fully Accreditted Wellness Coach Training
Recognised by the AC - 
Association for Coaching 
Complementary Medical Association RegisteredRegistered by the CMA - Complimentary Medical Association
Award winning course! 
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Embarking on a training course is a important decision. With Energy 4 Life you are not only guaranteed to greatly enhance your own life, but you will also be qualified, competent and ready to practice as soon as you complete your training.
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